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PRIORI skincare recognises that your skin is an intricate communication system.  With that in mind, all PRIORI products are formulated to read your skin, decoding its need for replenishment, hydration, protection and recovery. The products then respond, with actives and delivery systems to meet your skins needs-now.



Skin Unwrapped Peel

60 minutes

A 60 minute appointment consisting of a 45 minute facial, skin consultation and homecare advice.  Unwrap your skins true potential, if you are an advanced peel client you will love the benefits you see with this facial treatment.  Designed to analyse the needs of the skin, exfoliate and brighten the complexion and even the appearance of the skin.  This peel Is power-packed with multi-layer skin benefits.

Core Adaptive £55.00 / Superceutical £65.00

(The Superceutical peel is the next step in your skincare journey after the Core Adaptive Peel)

Skin Re-Boot

45 minutes

A 45 minute appointment consisting of a 30 minute facial, skin consultation and homecare advice.  Sometimes we all need a ‘re-boot’- yet time is precious, this adaptive facial procedure is designed to re-boot your skin.  Your skin specialist will customise this treatment to your individual needs, leaving your skin brighter, more plump, restored and hydrated.

Core Adaptive £45.00 / Superceutical £55.00

(The Superceutical peel is the next step in your skincare journey after the Core Adaptive Peel)

Best results are seen in a course of treatments.

Skin Reboot course x 3 - Core Adaptive £120.00 / Superceutical £145.00

Skin Unwrapped course x 3 - Core Adaptive £145.00 / Superceutical £175.00

Uncover. Expose. Renew 

75 minutes

A 75 minute appointment consisting of a 60 minute facial, skin consultation and homecare advice.  A treatment with the wow factor that provides dramatic and visible results while achieving skin rejuvenation, improved elasticity, texture, tone and clarity.  Relax and lose yourself in a wealth of massage and unique innovative skin care results. You will awake feeling de stressed, restored with youthful looking skin. Includes a hand and arm peel treatment.    



Information for Skin Unwrapped Peel & Skin Re-Boot treatments.

The Core Adaptive Peel is perfect for beginners. With 14.5% Lactic Acid, 14.5% Glycolic Acid, 1% Citric acid it is a multi-layer peel and exfoliation with different molecular sized AHA’s  (alpha hydroxy acids) that all penetrate to a different skin level achieving superior multi-layer exfoliation. It also boasts 1% Salicylic acid which is perfect for decongesting and refining pores and killing bacteria. 1% multi functioning Anti-oxidants, Vitamin A, C, E and Pro Vitamin A essential for fighting free radicals.  The treatment will continue to work from the inside out for 48 hours.  

Requirements before having a Core Adaptive PRIOR peel

-Preperation product must be used for two weeks, for Oily and congested skin types – PRIORI Gel Perfector Serum 

-Preperation product must be used for two weeks, for normal or dry skin types – PRIORI Skin Renewal Crème


The Superceutical Peel is the next step in your skincare journey after the Core Adaptive Peel.

It boasts CoQ10 advanced skin anti-oxidant with great skin penetration with 10 x Super strength Super Oxide Dismutase which is an enzyme Anti-Oxidant for superior skin protection and correction.  30% Lactic Acid that exfoliates and resurfaces the skin.  AHA that benefits minus irritation, boosts hyaluronic and collagen responses.  1% Salicylic Acid that is antibacterial and resurfaces the very surface of the skin. 

Requirements before having a Superceutical Peel 

-Preparation product must be used for two weeks you can choose between PRIORI Brightening Serum or Moisturising Crème. Ensure sunscreen is used each day at home during a course of peels. 

For tailored advice, please contact us to discuss the treatments further.




We will always take the time to discuss your skincare concerns with you, so that you are able to enjoy the benefits of the treatment that is most suited to you.


Skin Fusion Signature Lifting Facial

Instant firming and brightening treatment with papaya enzymes, vitamin C and botanical extracts.

£33.50 / £55.50

Skin Fusion Signature Repair Facial

Ideal for sensitive or dehydrated skins to soothe and plump with marine extracts and copper peptides.

£33.50 / £55.50

Skin Fusion Signature Clearing Facial

Balancing and purifying ideal for problem prone skin or when you are in need of a deep cleansing treatment.

£33.50 / £55.50


Skin Fusion Signature Brightening Facial

With vitamin C and firming peptides to energise, brighten and repair the skin.


£33.50 / £55.50

Essential Eye Boost

Customised for instant lifting effects or for more sensitive eyes for a reviving and soothing experience.

Add to any facial for £17



The skin on your face has a lot to deal with. Hormones, pollution, stress to name a few. Recieving regular, professional facials will help you truly understand your skin, keeping it healthy and free from skin issues. 


Here at Pink Rose Beauty, we will carefully listen to you and assess your skin concerns to advise you of the best treatment, so that you can be confident your skin is getting all that it deserves.


Regular facials will help to reduce stress,  prevent the signs of ageing, cleanse & exfoliate, detoxify your skin, boost absorption abilities and much more.

Take care of you & your skin.


A full Vitage facial is included within the Light Fusion Therapy. This next generation Photofacial combats ageing and hyperpigmentation using a unique light delivery method that infuses directly in to the skin. No downtime, no discomfort, non claustrophobic. Just amazing results from your first treatment. Benefits include enhanced elasticity, hydration, fine line reduction and helps promote collagen activity. Perfect for Rosacea sufferers and sun spots. You will take home a Sleep recovery sachet with every treatment to use at home and maximise the results.


30 minutes


60 minutes


Course of six 30 minute treatments


(Price results in 6th facial free of charge)



Good skincare doesn't end when you leave our salon, you have the opportunity to buy the products for  use at home. 


"The best facial I have EVER had - thank you Pink Rose"


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